AR Mail From Harbin

Takehiko Nagakura / Woongki Sung / Dan Li

[Massachusetts Institute of Techonology]

If you are looking for the postcards, click the link below:

If you are looking for the app, click the link below.

If the links do not automatically open the stores, install the app directly from Apple Store or Play Store. You can find the app by typing "AR Mail From Harbin" in a search bar of app stores.

Do you have the postcards?

If not, click the Big Button above to download the postcard images.  Print them with any printers available, but make sure to print the postcards in the original scale. Usually, you will see some options such as "Do not scale" or similar in your printer option page. Cut the postcards and then you are ready to explore St. Sophia with "AR Mail from Harbin" app.

What is "AR Mail From Harbin"?

AR Mail from Harbin is a small augmented reality (AR) application that works with a set of postcards. Each postcard is printed with a portion of the plan of St. Sophia, the main church in the center of the city of Harbin. A user can assemble a 3D model of the building by laying out the postcards in the proper composition. By combining a photogrammetric capture of the church, AR technology, and traditional paper media, this tool enhances visitors’ experience at the historical location, increases their understanding of its spatial design, and promotes social interaction between the visitors on site and their friends in remote locations, all in a playful setting.

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